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About Us

ITW performance polymers & Fluids has earned worldwide recognition for meeting the special needs of customers. with highpreformance products developed exclusively for maintenance repair .

Total Engineering Solutions.

Total Engineering solutions Unlike major chemical companies whose main business is mass-producing and mass-marketing chemical products for consumers, Corium's mission will always be to provide total quality maintenance solutions based on exhaustive research and latest technology.

TES Unlike consumer chemical manufacturers who use low-cost materials, Corium engineers and chemists use only high-value quality components designed for maximum ffectiveneSs and efficency in specific applications.



The special "Corium Touch" also extends to our in-house technical services department who stand firmly behind our Corium representative with answers on Corium advanced products and their application. The Special "CORIUM Touch" CORIUM

CORIUM CHEMICALS Save you money by cutting wastage and downtime Significantly enhance overall performance Extend the service life of your equipment.

Our Pledge

Every product that bears the Corium name is regularly reviewed and continually improved. when you buy CORIUM, you buy our best!

Our Mission

“To Provide Every Client with Total Quality Maintenance Solutions.” We supply quality products that make maintenance

  • Faster
  • Safer
  • More Reliable to substantially
  • Lower Costs
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Cut Wistage

Our Vision

To be the most preferred choice of our customers, and to maintain leading position in Chemical Industry.


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