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Totla Engineering Solutions

TES offers more than just supplies and equipment. We also provide services that help you work faster, with greater efficiency and less likelihood of mistakes or overlooked details. Which means less valuable time you’ll have to spend doing the same chore all over again.



Need something, but don’t know where to find it at the best value — or, for that matter, where to find it, period? You can spend an entire day calling around, or you can place one call to TES Engineering Solutions for complete sourcing. We’ll find your item and, if possible, provide options that give a range of choices on quality and price.

Supply Chain Solutions

Maybe you know your supply cycle has a hitch in it that’s costing your company, but you’re not sure where it is. Or, maybe you know what the problem is, but don’t know how to fix it without causing a raft of others. Chances are, in our six decades of supply chain experience, we’ve encountered and corrected a problem a lot like yours. Let our expert consultants help you streamline your day-to-day supply operations … and find savings you never expected. .

Vending Solutions. Automated supply dispensing can save your company up to 80 percent on lost inventory alone. In addition, it can reduce your money tied up in excess inventory by as much as 25 percent, plus up to 30 percent more if you convert to inventory consignment for dispensed supplies.


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