10 Mohamed Soliman Ghanam, Al-Nozha El-Gidida, Cairo, Egypt

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CORIUM Maintenance Chemicals

Maintenance Chemicals

At Corium we produce a wide range of quality chemical products formulated exclusively for the maintenance of machinery, vehicles and equipment. These include:

  • Special Cleaning Agents.
  • Adhesives.
  • Electronics Industry Maintenance and Repair Products.

We understand that, in maintenance, the right employment of high-quality chemicals is the most important factor. Corium's research has developed and formulated a wide range of special products that provide you with:

  • Highest quality chemicals for maximum effectiveness and increased operating efficiency;
  • Formulae custom-tailored for specific applications for increased parts and equipment life;
  • Concentrated, high-strength chemicals that are safe and easy to use under Corium user safety guidelines, and
  • Chemical designed to eliminate downtime and cut maintenance costs.

The result of more than 40 years of intensive research and development, Corium products are made to keep you running longer and at optimum efficiency.

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